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Porta Cabin Manufacturers in DELHI NCR, Portable Container

EPS Insulated porta Cabin Site

Why Porta Cabin/ Prefabricated House

Why Porta Cabin/ Prefabricated House


We are largest manufacturer of  Prefab house, Porta Cabin , Portable Cabin , Portable Site Office   

· Royal Prefab offers you the smart and easy solutions for all your PREFAB RESORT COTTAGE needs. The cottages  developed by Royal Prefab are reliable, easy, compact, best quality, durable and economical. Royal Prefab are designed wooden home as per the customer’s requirement and specification with maximum comfort, flexibility and versatility. We build cabins which can be quickly and easily installed at your site with your specified requirement. We also help you accessories your cabins with required furniture, electric fittings etc. 

· Our Portable Cabins are manufacture for making your site accommodation portable and comfortable even in a remote location. These porta cabins are use for site office accommodation lobour rooms, luxury cottage, store rooms, warehouses and many more. We are making these porta cabins since nine year and improving our Quality by using various Quality techniques from wooden porta cabins to steel Portable Cabins and Puf Portable Cabins and we are coming up with some new and innovative product very soon. Our cabins are manufactured as per the customers requirements and making every customers Satisfied and giving them a good after sales service too. Our motto for quality is to retain our customer by giving them a quality product and a good service. 

Why Porta Cabin/ Prefabricated House

Why Porta Cabin/ Prefabricated House

Why Porta Cabin/ Prefabricated House


Porta cabin refer to The Portable House that can be easily assemble and dismantle to shift . The Great advantage of Porta Cabins is can be modify and reconstruct . ‘Prefabricated’ may refer to buildings built in components (e.g. panels), modulers or transportable sections, and may also be used to refer to mobile home, Today we have prefab materials as per weather condition of Delhi and all over India. These are Eco friendly wall panel creat green House.  The prefab house requires much less labor compared to conventional houses .  

· Porta Cabin are created in sections/Panels, and then transported to the home site for construction and installation. These are typically installed and treated like a regular house. These are low cost house in few days installation as  sections of the house are prefabricated, the sections, or modules, are put together at the construction much like a typical home. 


We  incorporating modern designs into the prefabricated houses of today. There has also been an increase in the use of "green" materials in the construction of these prefab houses. User  can easily select between different environmentally friendly finishes and wall systems. Since these homes are built in parts, it is easy for a home owner to add additional at the roofs, garden and farmhouse. Royal Prefab customized to the client's specific location and climate, making prefab homes much more flexible and modern than before.

Prefabricated Light weight steel House/ Office and buildings

Prefabricated Light weight steel House/ Office and buildings

Prefabricated Light weight steel House/ Office and buildings


Prefab Resort Hose in Light weight materials for Hill station shall be earthquake resistant, which supports the chocks and vibrations therefore it won't collapse, unlike traditional house .  A manufactured home, once assembled, goes through a ‘settling-in’ period, where the home will settle into its location. Appliances, wiring or plumbing easily can be install. Prefab Cabin manufactured homes typically involves connecting plumbing and electrical lines across the sections, and sealing the sections together. Prefab Homes can be single, double or triple-wide, describing how many sections wide it is. Royal Prefab manufactured  a variety of different designs, and many of the floor plans are available .Prefab Hose  can be built onto a permanent foundation, and if designed correctly .

Prefab Sales Outlets  prefabricated structures for their buildings, and set a record of constructing a building and opening for business within few hours .

 We manufacture security guard cabins, which are used for securing the site. These are basically for the security staff, which protects them from sun and rain to remain effectively alert all the time. Security guard cabins are available in various sizes as these can be customized as per requirements of the clients  .   


Prefabricated Steel House Cottages.

Prefabricated Light weight steel House/ Office and buildings

Prefabricated Light weight steel House/ Office and buildings


 Royal Prefab Light Gauge Framing Systems (LGFS) is the new technology which has been very recently introduced to India. It has been using in Europe and others developed countries We have low price on Resort cottage in Steel & Wood , composite prefab. On Multiple cottage can save a good amount .  Take Price and order to save on  your dream cottage projects.   

Prefabricated  Cottages have been used for residence for centuries in the world.

Wood and steel is excellent materials for living environment  . It works a good insulator in Cold as well as in Summer season and work as barrier for heat/cold weave to maintain room temperature. Prefab wooden house are low cost materials as no need frequently maintaince . The best advantage to Install prefab wooden house can be easily shift from one site to another. Prefab house are earthquake resistant easily support zerk amd vibration. It is fast to deliver and install. It is low cost prefab home. 



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